On this episode of Out of Scope Brian Cristiano, CEO of BOLD Worldwide speaks with Paralympic Gold Medalist & World Champion, Tatyana McFadden.

Born with spina bifida paralyzed from the waist down, and growing up in a Russian orphanage, Tatyana McFadden has beaten the odds, pushed the boundaries of physical and mental success. She’s a four time Paralympian in both the summer and winter games, a multi-time gold medalist and the only athlete ever (in any category) to win the Boston, London, Chicago and New York City marathons in the same year. She has done this three years in a row. Outside of sport she is credited with the passage of athletic equality acts in Maryland and at the federal level. Not to mention she is currently training for the 2016 Paralympics.

Tatyana speaks about her story, motivation and her incredible success.
(1:23) How do your accomplishments make you feel?
(1:58) What kind of training does it take to compete at the elite level?
(3:04) How many hours do you train each day?
(4:24) First athlete to compete in all track & field events?
(5:00) Are there advantages or disadvantages to using a racing chair?
(7:00) What is it like racing?
(8:40) What should people better understand about disabilities?
(10:18) If more people understood this perspective, what would that change?
(11:41) How did your sponsorships come about?
(14:13) Have sponsorships been because you are a Paralympian, or because you are an elite athlete?
(15:51) Are some brands are missing out on an opportunity with disabled athletes?
(17:29) What has pushed you to become the best in the world?
(19:23) Do you view yourself as a success story?
(20:50) Is their pressure being viewed as the voice for disabled athletes?
(21:52) When you hear the word disability, what do you think?
(22:10) What advice would you give to someone who is struggling?
(23:00) What is a perception you want to change about people with disabilities?
(23:44) Who inspires you?
(24:14) What’s next for Tatyana McFadden?
Tatyana McFadden: http://tatyanamcfadden.com/
Tatyana McFadden on Twitter: @TatyanaMcFadden

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