I was an entrepreneur at a young age, starting my first company at 16 making skate videos. At age 17, I sold my first video, and made $40k from the deal. I knew I wanted to follow my dreams and chart my own course, but I grew up in a risk-averse middle class family that wanted me to go to college and find a stable job. Needless to say, I was the black sheep of the family. 

However, entrepreneurship was natural to me, although no one in my family then or today has run business or been an entrepreneur. With no one to follow but a hunger for a different kind of life, I figured it out for myself.

When I was 17 my father passed away suddenly the day before his retirement. He was in the military, and had all of these incredible plans, but died day before he could live them out. In that moment, my whole life changed.

I learned in the most direct way possible that no one was promised a chance at tomorrow. This lesson was driven to the heart of me, and continues to drive every moment of what I want to accomplish in life. I wasn’t going to wait to receive permission to live the life I wanted to; I couldn’t afford to wait. None of us can.

From that point onward, I promised myself that I would no longer hesitate or wait for the perfect opportunity; I would take action, and look for chances to make my own opportunities.

I am clear on who am and what I want to do and see. Currently, I am focused in on growing my media and marketing company, BOLD Worldwide, to over $100 million.


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