The Sports Marketing Huddle Podcast combines Brian’s passion for marketing with Rob’s passion for sports to deliver a resource that is both information and entertaining.

EP-289 Tiger Woods is Back & How To Fix Golf

Tiger Woods just finished second in the PGA Championship and it sent shockwaves of excitement through the sports world. Dave Wakeman joins Rob Cressy to talk about the good and bad of Tiger Woods being back from the perspective of marketing the PGA tour and the...

EP-288 Bacon Sports Brand Design Process

Gil Nevo, founder of Brand School, joins Rob Cressy to talk about the new Bacon Sports brand design and how they collaborated for three months (as part of a brand coaching program) to clarify the messaging & offering. I recently launched the newest version of the...

EP-280 How To Market Yourself with Brian Clapp

The opportunities to build your personal brand and market yourself have never been greater. Rob Cressy is joined by Director of Content Marketing at, Brian Clapp, to talk about how to market yourself. What are the various ways to build your personal...